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Director of Development

Company: Powell Gardens, Inc
Date Posted: November 3, 2017

Position Title:             Director of Development                                                                               

Written By:                Tabitha Schmidt, Executive Director/President                                            

Position Reports to (Title):   Executive Director/President                       

Department:  Development


1. Position Summary

The Director of Development leads Powell Gardens’ development department and is a member of the senior management team.  This position is responsible for establishing, facilitating, and evaluating a highly professional, ethical and successful development program.  The Director of Development mentors and manages staff and volunteers in the design and implementation of the major gift program, annual fund, grants, sponsorships, membership, and fundraising events.  The Director collaborates with the Executive Director, a campaign consultant and Board members  for major gift solicitations for campaign, operations and strategic initiatives. 

2. Essential Functions

Strategic Leadership

  1. Work with the CEO and Board to formulate an aggressive development plan with targets, goals and a realistic timetable.
  2. Provide leadership in the development for the continuous evaluation of short and long-term strategic fundraising objectives and success
  3. Ensure credibility of fundraising by providing timely and accurate analysis
  4. Provide input and insight into policy and process development to better utilize the organization’s resources
  5. Advise and evaluate on impact of long-range planning and new programs and strategies
  6. Establish and maintain strong relationships with Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors
  7. Provide recommendations to strategically enhance fundraising objectives
  8. Assimilate information across disciplines and departments to provide leadership and support in decision making


  1. On the basis of a long-range plan, develop and execute a viable, outcomes-based annual fund including appeals, grants, events and other strategies to raise operations dollars
  2. Collaborate with the CEO, campaign counsel and Board members for major gift solicitation for the campaign, operations and strategic initiatives.
  3. Provide the CEO and Board progress reports and statements as requested, measuring movement toward measurable outcomes
  4. Ensure effectiveness of individual, corporate, foundation and government efforts and smooth relations
  5. Oversee special fundraising events
  6. Maintain a vibrant donor benefits package; refine and update as necessary
  7. Ensure consistency of fundraising materials and messages including direct mail, proposals, acknowledgements, talking points, invitations and website content.; integrate messages and materials with marketing efforts to support the overall direction of the Gardens
  8. Maintain accurate and comprehensive department files and records; ensure appropriate disclosure within IRS guidelines for donor benefits
  9. Development, manage and monitor the Development budget; prepare projections, justifications and other documentation
  10. Keep abreast of research and trends in fundraising
  11. Ensure the Gardens’ gift policies and procedures are thorough and current; recommend revisions to the Board as needed
  12. Attend Garden events and donor/prospect programs; entertain donors and prospects.
  13. Attend other civic and cultural events in the community and represent the Gardens as required


  1. Oversee the Garden’s membership program including benefits, messaging, communication, cultivation and growth
  2. Regularly increase the number of members and dollars raised through the membership program
  3. Using the membership, work to move members to donors
  4. Identify, cultivate, solicit and show appreciation for the Society of Perennial Partners


  1. Effectively utilize the Altru donor and membership database for prospect research and donor development
  2. In concert with staff, create and oversee maintenance of appropriate record-keeping systems for tracking donor participation, identification and cultivation of prospects.


  1. Engage a wide variety of community and Board volunteers to ensure fundraising goals are met for events and other initiatives
  2. Working with the CEO, deeply engage the Board of Directors to assist in fundraising execution


  1. Hire, onboard and train new employees in the Development department.
  2. Manage and address employee performance issues
  3. Hold staff accountable
  4. Mentor and coach employees encouraging the highest quality of work and productivity


3. Sphere of Responsibility


  • Coordinator, Donor & Member Database
  • Coordinator, Development Events Senior Leadership Team Member

Board of Directors direct engagement

Staff Liaison for the Board Fund Development Committee


4. Internal and External Contacts


Internal:  All Powell Gardens employees, Board of Directors, volunteers 


External:  Vendors, Donors, Prospects, Community


5. Consequence of Error


The Director of Development has the responsibility to lead the fundraising efforts of the Garden.  Fundraising is a key revenue source to support the Gardens.  Failure to successfully execute the duties of this position can result in lost revenue and damaged relationships causing financial hardship on the organization.


6.  Experience/Education



Bachelor’s Degree required; CFRE is a plus.


5+ years of progressively responsible fundraising leadership experience

5 years of supervisory experience

3 years of volunteer management experience

Proven success in major gift developmentExperience working with a Board of Directors


Proven success in increasingly responsible positions

Major gift expertise

Knowledge of fundraising and philanthropic trends and strategies

Outstanding organizational and planning skills

Understanding of how to utilize donor software to reach goals


Speak, listen and write in a clear, thorough and timely manner

Diplomatic and professional

Transparent and factual

Core Competencies

Leadership:  Measures effectiveness in accomplishing work assignments through subordinates; establishing challenging goals; delegating and coordinating effectively; promoting innovation and team effort.

Managing Change & Improvement:  Measures effectiveness in initiating changes, adapting to necessary changes from old methods when they are no longer practical, identifying new methods and generating improvement in the organizations performance.

Manages Complexity:  Asks the right questions to accurately analyze situations; uncovers root causes to difficult problems; evaluates pros and cons, risks and benefits of different solution options; readily distinguishes between what’s relevant and what’s unimportant to make sense of complex situations; analyzes multiple and diverse sources of information to define problems accurately before moving to solutions

Manages Conflict:  Steps up to conflicts, seeing them as opportunities; asks questions and listens closely to all issues presented; finds common ground and drives to consensus, ensuring that all feel heard; defuses high tension situations effectively

Optimizes Work Processes:  Designs processes and procedures that allow managing from a distance; seeks ways to improve processes, from small tweaks to complete reengineering; separates and combines tasks into efficient and simple workflow; thinks about the whole system; focuses efforts on continuous improvement; has a knack for identifying and seizing opportunities for synergy and integration

Strategic mindset:  Sees the big picture, constantly imagines future scenarios, and creates strategies to sustain competitive advantage; is a visionary and able to articulately paint credible pictures and visions of possibilities and likelihoods; formulates a clear strategy and maps the aggressive steps that will clearly accelerate the organization toward its strategic goals

Financial Acumen:  Understands financial objectives, creates realistic financial plans with solid projections, monitors and evaluates results utilizing financial resources and advises and takes action accordingly, actively contributes to the overall business health of the organization by cost/inventory control and revenue generation

Negotiates and persuades:  Convinces others to take action; negotiates skillfully in touchy situations; responds effectively to the reactions and positions of others; shares own ideas in a compelling manner that gains commitment from others; finds common ground and acceptable alternatives that satisfy the needs of multiple stakeholders

Plans and aligns:  Contributes to key results through execution of job duties; makes sound and timely decisions related to job duties; consulting others as appropriate; suggests ways to do the job better

Balance stakeholders:  Understands internal and external stakeholder requirements, expectations and needs; balances the interest of multiple stakeholders; considers cultural and ethical factors in decision-making process; acts fairly despite conflicting demands of stakeholders

Judgment & Decision Making:  Realistically weighs and evaluates information, separates important from unimportant, assesses probable consequences and takes appropriate action and demonstrates the ability to make sound and timely decisions.  Accountable for results and selects decision alternatives that meet the objectives of the department. 

Drive results:  Has a strong bottom-line orientation-sets aggressive goals and high standards; persists in accomplishing objectives despite obstacles and setbacks; has a track record of exceeding goals successfully; pushes self and helps others achieve results; pursues everything with energy drive and the need to finish

Instills Trust:  Demonstrates respect of others through honoring commitments; demonstrates fair and ethical behavior with customers and employees; is consistently aware of the shadow he/she casts; gains the confidence and trust of others easily; expresses self in credible and transparent manner

Being Resilient:  Stays focused and composed in stressful situations; maintains a positive attitude and forward-thinking approach despite trouble circumstances and setbacks; takes constructive action to navigate difficulties or obstacles; is viewed as a source of confidence in high-stress situations

Tech savvy:  Anticipates the impact of emerging technologies and makes adjustments; readily learns and adopts new technologies; continually scans the environment for technology breakthroughs; experiments with a wide range of existing technologies while applying new and emerging options that can enhance organizational outcomes; encourages others to learn and adopt new technologies


7. Work Environment/Physical Requirements


Primarily Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, but employee must be willing to work longer hours as projects and deadlines require.  Must be available to work as required at events or programs.  Attend Board meetings and Board Committee meetings outside of normal working hours.  Travel to off-site meetings as required.  Able to remain in a stationary position up to 50% of the time; move about inside the office to perform normal duties; move throughout a multi-facility work location

Please submit an application, cover letter, three references along with your resume on our website: