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June Breakfast Forum

June 14, 2017


14           Breakfast Forum: Major Donors Make the Splash, Monthly Donors Create the Pond,
with Erica Waasdorp of A Direct Solution
                 NEW START TIME 8:00am – 9:30am, Kauffman Conference Center, 4801 Rockhill Rd., KCMO
Optional 45-minute Round Table Discussion following the program
                $15 for AFP members, $25 nonmembers. Breakfast provided.     


If you don’t have a monthly donor program yet or if you have a small program, here’s your chance to learn how to organize your program and start marketing it to your donors.


Erica Waasdorp of A Direct Solution, author of Monthly Giving. The Sleeping Giant, and co-author of the DonorPerfect Monthly Giving Starter and Marketing Kits will share examples of how important monthly donors are for your organization. She will take you through the steps of organizing your program and then start marketing and growing.


Erica lives and breathes direct response and fundraising and can be considered a Philanthropyholic. Her experience in monthly giving has given her an edge for those clients who are ready to embark on this way of giving.


Erica Waasdorp started A Direct Solution in December of 2003 with more than twenty years of experience in direct marketing, from both sides of the desk, on the client side and the agency side. She has helped several organizations with their annual fund campaigns, grantwriting, events and public relations. She is the US Ambassador for the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) (


Erica has worked with Donor Perfect on the Monthly Donor Starter and Marketing Kits and is working on her next book, called Monthly Giving Made Easy.  Erica regularly presents on monthly giving and has a blog and MonthlyDonorMonday newsletter with lots of practical tips on the topic. For more information, see or find the book as paperback or e-book on and other e-book sites.